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Non-Emergency Maintenance

All non-emergency requests for maintenance should be submitted online here. When submitting a request, please be as detailed as possible. Please know that we take all your requests into consideration and then work with the property owner to find the best possible solution.   

Emergency Maintenance

In case of an emergency such as a breakdown of an essential service (plumbing, lighting, heating, lock, etc.) it is important to report the problem quickly.

For emergency maintenance during office hours, please call the office at 785-539-2300. When the office is closed, please call the after hours emergency phone at 785-341-3929. Please be specific as to the nature of the emergency. Emergencies will be addressed immediately. Less severe maintenance problems may be resolved during normal working hours.  

For a problem that threatens health and safety, it is important to report the problem immediately. Please contact the appropriate authorities (e.g., Riley County Police, Fire Department, etc.), then call the emergency phone at 785-341-3929.

Cleaning Checklist

Download a printer-friendly version of the APM Cleaning Checklist to help guide you in your cleaning efforts. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

See our FAQs (Frequently asked questions) page for more helpful tenant information.